Alice Software

Release of version 1.9 of Awepp. Version 1.9 includes improved support for web-generation for mobile devices. We have started the process of certifying the Alice System for use with Microsoft Windows 7. Release of version 1.7 of Awepp. Release of version 1.6 of Awepp. Release of version 1.6 of Awepp. Alice System certified for use with Microsoft Vista. Release of version 1.2 of Awepp. Release of version 1.1 of Awepp, a post-processor that provides increased control over webs generated using Aweb, the Alice web publication tool. Version 3.0 / 4.0 of Aweb for Alice Release 14 released. Release 14 of Alice System 2.1 / 3.0 is available. Release 13 of the Alice System is available for selected subscription holders. Download a copy of our 2001 Newsletter. Built using Alice System 3.0, The European Cultivated Potato Database (ECPD), an authoritative database on the morphology and disease resistance of european potato germplasm, is launched. A new tool, Aweb, for web publication is released. Release 12 for Systems 2.1 and 3.0 available for non-subscription holders. A New tool, Dbimport, for rapid import of data into Alice databases, is now available. Release 12 for System 2.1 is now available for subscription holders. Release 12 for System 3.0 is now available for subscription holders. Discover what is new in the release. Read about some projects that are successfully using the Alice system. Alice Software introduces subscription-based licensing.